Frequently Asked Questions

Which device do you recommend for IPTV?

We recommend using high or mid-range Android devices such as Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S (2nd Gen), or Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed after it expires?

No, we don’t automatically renew subscriptions. To continue using our service, purchase a plan from our website.

Upon payment, we’ll renew your subscription, saving you from the hassle of setting it up again.

Do you provide adult channels?

No, we do not offer adult content. We focus on providing a family-friendly service.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer flexibility with no binding contracts or commitments. To request a refund, please get in touch with our customer support team via WhatsApp. (Read refund policy)

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do not offer free trials. To maintain fairness and prevent abuse, our trial option is available for just €1.00 (Get Trial)

Where can I find channels broadcasting matches?

Visit to explore all available live matches and their respective channels.

Can I stream on several devices at the same time?

If your subscription includes a single connection, it allows streaming on only one device at a time. However, we also offer subscriptions with two connections, enabling simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.

Can IPTV be accessed from different locations?

Absolutely! You can set up your subscription on any device, anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

What should I do if my screen freezes?

If you encounter screen freezing or buffering, begin by restarting your router and device. If you use an internet service provider router, log in and turn off the firewall.

If the problem persists, directly test your device’s internet speed at Ensure your speed is 20 Mbps or higher.

Buffering issues may arise if your device needs to be receiving adequate speed or if your internet provider is throttling your connection.

Is EPG available for channels?

Of course, we offer EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for 80% of our channels.

Do you have a reseller plan available?

Yes, we offer an excellent IPTV reseller plan at the best price. Explore our IPTV Reseller page to purchase the plan and get started on your reselling journey.

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